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Timing gear?


NAXJA Forum User
I may replace my timing gearset on a rebuilt motor, I know nothing about the build, the motor was bought when I was in a tight spot getting my wheels on the road.

I have been reading that these timing gear sets have differences over the years, even with the updated chain designs and linkage changing. What I can't find and what I hope someone can share is, how do I choose what timing gear set to put on the " rebuilt motor".

99 year jeep, 7120 head, the block is from a 92 iirc the stamp.
If the block is a '92 I would think you would want a timing set for a '92 as well.

If you are not already planning on it, consider also getting a replacement timing chain guide/damper (such as a Cloyes 95337). I have yet to open up a timing cover and not need that part.
The timing set is the same for all years except '00-01 and newer years of the 4.0. Always replace the rubber tension snubber!