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thoughts on upgrading stock e-fan

So last week my Ford Taurus fan in my 95 XJ took a crap- bearing siezed and the fan started to catch fire. When I removed the old Taurus fan I also removed the stock (from an 01 XJ) electric fan. I had them sitting side by side on the drive way with the motors up. I dont have a pic of both with the shrouds.

I got to noticing that the motors were similarly sized- the Taurus is slightly larger- the mounting points are quite close to the same, and the stud that the fan blade assembly clips to appear to be the same.

My question is: Has anyone tried to mount the motor from a Ford Taurus fan into the stock XJ fan housing and blades? Perhaps some pics speak better than words.

The stock XJ e fan shroud and motor assembly next to the fried Taurus fan motor.

The fried motor closer to the XJ fan motor


and a quick placement to get an idea for fitment

The housing on the Taurus fan is a little too wide for the fan blade assembly from my XJ fan to fit over. A SMALL amount of trimming appears that it would be sufficient. Or it could be that the post from the motor to the blades on the Taurus fan was shifted over a little bit from the bearing siezing up. It appears that the motor would possibly be able to fit into the XJs shroud with shaving a small amount arround the motor and redrilling the holes that mount the motor to the shroud. The square washer plate and c clip appear to be the same.

I am thinking that swapping the motor from a stock XJ electric fan with the motor of a Ford Taurus fan will greatly increase the airflow of the fan. Im not saying that it will benifit me much as I have already deleted the mechanical fan pully and am using a Taurus fan mounted vertically. It would be benificial to people wanting more airflow while keeping the mech fan. A electric fan from a junkyard should run about $5-$30 at a junkyard.

I am not sure if this idea will work or not. My idea is just for the mechanical portion of this. There would still be the issue of wiring it up. I believe the amp draw of the Taurus fan is more than that of the XJs fan so a relay pulling from the batt triggered by the stock e fans wire may be necessary.

If anyone has done this, or is willing to try this out please post up. I would try this out, but I dont have another stock e fan handy (I got a spare Taurus fan just in case the bearing goes out on this one as well) and I dont want to risk breaking or making useless my late model e fan as I have been unable to find another one.