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THe NAC Lots-O-BFG KO2 Thread

7k is not enough in my opinion. You have to subtract the weight of the trailer so it ends up being a 5k trailer. So your xj plus a bunch of gear and shit comes close to the max. Other than that idk.
Its got an engine again. Should be driving under its own power again by this weekend.

It’s been another entire year without a post, so I will repost the post.

Is this the NAC version of the "What did you do to your XJ today" threads in some of the other chapter forums?

If so, I put the battery charger on mine on Sunday, between the cold snap in NJ and not having run it since RocktoberFest I was down to a 50% charge.
I am daily driving my pile (I will not elaborate) and just found out it's got 3/8 of play in the track bar bushing and another 3/8 between the sloppy spherical joint on the frame end and the wallowed out taper hole in the bracket. No idea how long it's been like this but the death wobble only started again about a week ago.

Feels bad man
Seems like once the frame bracket hole starts wallowing out, even if you drill out for a larger bolt it just does it again (at least, it did for me).

That's why I switched to an Iron Rock double-shear setup a couple years ago.
It’s been another entire year.

Return of the post!