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The first fall fling, anyone remember it?

Thanks for posting the magazine it brings back the memories. A lot of those guys have faded away from NAXJA. :(
Pretty much what Charles said. I've got photos of him doing all kinds of stuff in a stock yellow rental TJ from one of the years. :D
What's going on here? :D

For that matter, what the heck is going on here?
A lot of those guys have faded away from NAXJA. :(

What's going on here?

For that matter, what the heck is going on here?

Yah it kinda makes me sad missing my old wheeling buddies but one of the great things about NAXJA is getting to meet and go wheeling with new buddies I don't know yet! One of the Jeeps photographed in that article but without the name is Jesse May who is very active with Cal 4 Wheel and I do see him once a year at Cal 4 Wheel's High Desert Roundup.

Mil of course is the best wheeling buddy anyone could ever have and we had a lot of great times over the years, I miss him.

Bones might have stopped coming because he was always working on his Jeep in Moab. :D I remember one year going out for the day and when I came back he had torn the cylinder head off his new stroker in the Slickrock campground, lol.

Richard we know is still active in NAXJA but he no longer drives a "real" XJ, lol

Ray Pili I think is too busy surfing and being the casino shuttle driver for all his inlaws to do much wheeling these days, lol.

Uh we are just checking everything is tight on the rental Jeep suspension.:rolleyes:

I'm not sure but I'd keep an eye on those two guys they look like they are up to no good. :D
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Right Tom,
NAXJA was born from the 1998 meeting in Moab, where a small group of XJers from all over the US, shared their enthusiasm for the sport of offroad exploration and the desire to compile the best XJ Tech resource on the Web.

One year later, Forum Fest 99 was held in Ouray as the first organized NAXJA event. Met great people there and formed lasting friendships.

Fall Fling 00 was a memorable event as well......gonna have to dig thru the picture archives to come up with a few shots from 10yrs ago.

I remember leading about 40 rigs on Hell's Revenge.....what a group! Wish I was gonna make the 2009 event, but it's not in the cards.....have a great time folks and post up lots of photos.