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The '02 Moab Fall Fling DVD set is available!!!!


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Ok guys! Shari and I have finally finished our DVD project and it's available for purchase! :D

Thank you all for your patience, I know there's a handful of you that have been wanting to see our DVD project -- trust me, we have wanted to push this outta the nest a long time ago! After numerous computer "gremlins" and having to learn the DVD editing process, we feel we have turned out a really wonderful, high quality product that all of you will enjoy.

This is a 2 Volume set and we're offering it for $18.00 shipping included (within the continental U.S. mind you ;) ).

Complete details about the DVD's and how to purchase them can be found on the Vendor's Forum so please check out our post there.

If any of you have any questions regarding this project, please post it here as it may answer others' questions as well.
Great news Troy, I'm excited to see this masterpiece. Thanks to you and Shari for your hard work and dedication on this project. $18.00 is a steal!
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If you would like a place to show a sample... give me a yell. Happy to help.
troy.....maybe I have the same idea glenn is thinking about, but posting a couple screen grabs of the vid may generate some interest....

the last moab event was quite a while ago, and maybe some of the energy of the upcoming event may steal some thunder away, but that aside, I cannot wait to see the vid! even if I didn't go last year, I'm pretty sure I wopuld be equally excited. Troy, there was never a time I didn't see one of you guys without a recorder....I forgot how many miutes you said you captured, but I remembered thinking that was more tapes than I had in my entire vid collection! and tthat includes the twelve volume set of "Canadian Beavers of the North woods".

thanks once again for your efforts!
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Yeah, I agree, a short vid cap or mpeg would be a good idea. I'll get with Glenn and see what he has in mind - been wanting to talk to him about his web hosting stuff anyway.

Hmmmm..... what should I show everyone? Bones' big break on Double Whammy? Some of the wicked wheel stands from Mickey's Hot Tub? Beezil sniffin' his "man ass" candle.......

Oh the possiblities......
Beezil sniffin' his "man ass" candle.......

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