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Thanks for all the information


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Just wanted to thank you all for your input and advice. This weekend I was successful in replacing my old sagging leaf springs with new ones, along with new shocks all around. I replaced the old leaf springs with higher capacity leaf springs with just 1/2" of lift. I know that is not huge but I did gain 3 inches of height. My old leaves were that bad! I sprayed all bolts in question with PB blaster, and I did not have any bolts snap off or cause any real headaches. Total install was approx. 4.5 hours.

Well done.

Out of curiosity, what was the source for the new springs, model or stock number if you have it, and how much did you pay? Other folks might need the same info.
I would like to say thanks too. This site is very quick on response and acuracy and won't cut ya down for a newbie question or comment. This made my slave cylinder job and alt job a snap! thanks again, matt
Leaf Springs & bushings where from www.rigidsteel.com

Leaf Spring Part Number
52002390 LS-6" Free arch, Load rating 675 - $89.95/ea

Bushing Part Numbers
Front Side 52000503 $6.95/ea
Rear Side 5200504 $5.95/ea


skyjacker rear shocks - h7018 $32.95/ea
skyjacker front shocks h7016 $32.95/ea

New Ubolts from www.rubiconexpress.com

RE1225 U-Bolt Kit 3.00" x 9.0" $31.95

Hope this helps...
Thanks again
cool, a lot of people ask what stock spring part numbers are...

glad that people could help.