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Varmint #Last has been complaining that he wants to lift weights


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So I got a bunch of, um, barbells:


I hope he doesn't complain there isn't enough weight to work with. Free weights are expensive.


Fortunately I didn't have to lift any of these. Seller had the whole passel all slung up in chain and set them down on the trailer with a forklift. Here at home I have Varmints to unload them.


No history on any of these. It is thought the disconnect D44 with leaf springs came from a Wagoneer. There are 2 GM corporate 14 bolts (well, one and a half--the one is pretty much gutted). I think the one with wheels is a D60. And then the really big one is probably a D70 or D80.

Not entirely sure of plans for any of these, but my Dad's '66 Wagoneer has front drums for which parts have become scarce. I may swap this 44 in, or perhaps just swap the outers. The D60 may go under my '92 XJ which I want to put on long arms. The Corporate 14s have me thinking about trying to build a 14 bolt front axle for under the 454 in my old Suburban.

Picked up the whole lot for $250. That leaves some room for creativity. Provided the Varmints don't wear them out moving them around.
Looking at these things, I noticed the complete corporate 14 bolt seems a bit narrow. Pulled out a tape measure and eyeballed it at around 63". Looked things up and 63.5" is the width for a C&C 14 bolt.


I might be on the road to an LS swapped XJ. Just need to find a comparably stout front.
If front drum parts for the '66 are getting hard to find, maybe it's time to convert them to discs?
That is the plan.

Might just pull the spindles from this disco 44 to accomplish that.
My previous two Dodge trucks had Dana 70, and a Dana 80 respectively. The 1970 three quarter ton was about the most overbuilt thing I've ever owned. The 64 half ton was way cooler, though. That drums in the front too; press the brake pedal and fake trying out guess which way it's going to pull. Joy, especially in the rain.