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Thanks for all particpating in NAXJA


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I found this club after a internet search when I bought my MJ in 12-99. Looking for good technical info and WOW that and more. Things have changed some, but the 'good info' trend has continued & improved, thanks to the many folks who have been there & done it. I think we are second to none with timely and accurate XJ/MJ modification advice, but that is only a part of our mission.

As the worlds first (?) & best club for Cherokee & Comanche owners, we have hosted some outstanding events. Our signature events have left most all very impressed and coming back for more. The great people you interact with here on the forums can put on a really great event too! Think we spend ALL our time web-wheeling? LOL. Come awn out and have a great time!

NAXJA is building up an '88 Cherokee to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the XJ give away to some lucky person... It won't be me or my fellow Board of Directors, but it could be you! Member's and Sponsors of NAXJA make this happen.

NAXJA members are members of United Four Wheel Drive Associations, as well as Tread Lightly, Blue Ribbon Coalition and Utah Shared Access Alliance. We put our money where our tires roll, and support organizations that help the 4-wheeling community keep land available upon which we recreate. Thousands of Members dollars annually go to worthy causes, not just to relevant orgs. but also to the communities we visit.

Flash Forward to 2003. Last time I counted we had approx. 350 members and there are about 930 folks signed up on these forums. More than a few of our paying members don't web-wheel so that leads me to believe we have about 700 folks freeloading here!

If you like what you get her at NAXJA, and you meet our requirements for membership (18 or older, willing to play by simple, common sense rules & own an XJ/MJ) feel free to send in $30.00 Dues. We take checks & money orders IN US Dollars. I'll buy the first one to send in an Iraqi note a membership!

We do this all for the XJ/MJ Community and I hope you all like what we do. Please show your appreciation by either joining www.naxja.org/html/applicat.htm or sending in a donation towards our Giveaway XJ Project www.naxja.org/theXJ/index.html

Thanks for being part of NAXJA
Amen to that brother. The money this BBS has saved me is unreal. When I have a problem I find the NAXJA forum to be far smarter than any dealer service tech in the Chicagoland area.

That fact alone makes me send in my money so this forum can have a future. This site isnt free and its needs member support.

You want to see what a good trail run is.......come to a NAXJA event, I have found none better!

Chewy... you pretty much nailed it. I rarely ever visit a mechanic nowadays, and if I do it's only because I don't have the time to sit down and do it myself.

So....... join one join all and support the site by becoming a member!

I don't mean to pick on the non-members, since a big part of what NAXJA has always offered is great tech advice for the XJ/MJ community worldwide. That plus World-Class XJ/MJ specific events at popular destinations. We're sorta like PBS in that regard...LOL for the record I did donate $25 to UNC-TV this year (since PBS is all the TV I can stand) and it felt good :)

I will thank those that HAVE joined & renewed, along with our generous sponsors, since those folks are who keep the lights on here for everyone who enjoys NAXJA.

I'm proud to say that through being frugal and making wise decisions, we haven't had to raise dues since 2000 IIRC. Hopefully projects such as the Giveaway XJ will help our cause, and keep the great things going on here for a long time to come.

Even if joining isn't in the plans for whatever reason, feel free to get some tickets and maybe win a built-up XJ in October! Tickets by email: [email protected], please indicate how many books and a mail-to addy.

Thanks! :D
Just got back from the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, and I was impressed by the large number of well-built XJ's on the trail. Passed along a flyer to each owner, posted a few around town, received a lot of positive feed back about the site, along with interest about the giveaway XJ. Only saw one MJ in town, so I guess I'll have to get mine put together for next year!!!!

Also, need to mail in my renewal dues - seems that I'm about due. NAXJA has been a great help for me in improving my XJ.

You guys (and gals) are the greatest!!!!
BTW, I think I finally figured out where the name Lupine came from>>>some interesting handles around here. Just wish I could make it to Moab again in October, something about a lack of vacation time ......sniff, sniff, bummer......
Hey Cheropair...

I hear that there's a bad flu expcted to hit Kansas CIty in October.

It's a nasty twenty four hours flu.

Sometimes it even last forty eight hours.

There's even a week long flu...but it's not recomended you get that unless your father owns the company.

With at least 700 so called free loaders participating in this club, and with the very reasonable membership dues to be a member of NAXJA, those people can be truly labled as "CHEAP". If you are using this site, you obviously like off road activities and most likely own an XJ or MJ. It doesn't take long for one to realize whether or not this site is a benefit to them or not. Don't allow yourself to be recongnized at one of NAXJA's activities as a "CHEAP" person, or a "FREELOADER", step up to the plate and signup to be a member of NAXJA. You already know that it is worth it, and also that you find it a great source of information for your off road needs, or you wouldn't keep coming back to the site.
COME ON, STEP UP. You will NOT regret it!!!