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Thank you one and all.


Only Marble Sharp
NAXJA Member
I’d like to thank everyone that made it to SoCal Fest; be it for Saturday’s runs only or those that were there for the full three days. Thank you to those that lead runs or helped with getting others through the tough spots, and also getting the wounded off the trail.

Thank you to those who purchased raffle tickets and shirts, and those that helped with the raffle.

Thanks to those involved with getting the shirts produced, sorted and distributed. Let’s not forget the cozies either.

Thank you to all of you that helped with the meal, planning, prepping, cooking, as well as helping to set up or break down the food service.

Thanks to those that helped setup for Saturday night’s event and those that helped break it all down Sunday morning. Let’s not forget the frozen toed pyromaniacs that kept the camp fire blazing or the power providers that kept the lights on.

Thank you to our NAXJA sponsors and generous donors as well as those that solicited the donations.

Thank you to those of you who saw something that needed done and dealt with it quietly and unseen.

Thanks to the Serrano staff for being flexible and understanding even though they had been instructed by their superiors to crack down and enforce the letter of the law.

To my fellow BOD members I send special thank you for your hard work, your ideas and input, and your spirit of teamwork.

Again, thank you all for making SoCal Fest a successful event.

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