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TH400 / XJ linkages


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does any of my fellow master modifiers happen to know what shift linkages i could get to work on a TH400 in my XJ?? camero floor shifter is my thought but i dont know what other options i might have, throw some ideas out here for me.
Just put a hurst or b&m In it. They make all kinds of shifters for any budget for this tranny.
I have a B&M floor shifter with a cable going to a 727 torqueflite, it's an easy install and works well. All of their shifters will work with many different 3 speed automatics. I also had a problem with the dip stick tube clearance and used a flexible dip stick tube from Lokar.

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if your xj was an auto you should be able to make an adapter for the cable to bolt to the trans pan as hurst and b&m does... and make the lever for the trans NAXJA
troy i totally forgot to grab the shifter outta the parts jeep for you....

but i did grab the super tricked out block hugger headers!