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test 1


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Try this, go to the page where you can see your picture. Right click on it and hit properties. You'll see the address of the picture. Highlight that and copy and paste it. Also when you insert a pic here be careful that you don't create an address for it that says http://http:// cause that's no good... Anyways here's the pic you were tryin to post
A web page is not a picture. A picture is not a web page.

You may NOT post a web page to our forums.

You MAY post an image here.

You must have the URL to the image, not the page that contains the image. Right clich directly on the image, use that URL. The "Preview" button may prove handy in your venture.

Looks like this is the image URL http://images.ofoto.com/photos312/9/71/84/24/92/0/92248471903_0_ALB.jpg

So, now, I will click on the IMG button, and paste in that url: (be careful of the duplicate "http://"

If you chose a sucky or free image host, they may not allow *hot linking*, or using their bandwidth on the NAXJA forums. Really depends on who ya host your pics with.

You might need input from a user that uses that particular service. We canot know how ofoto works, as we do not suppurt them, nor do we use them.

sorry if i am being a pain in the butt, it's really starting to bug me,
i'll use the preview next. thanks.
No worries. :)

As you can see, the forum software is doing what it is supposed to do... it is the other end that is causing the problem.