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Temp display in overhead console


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Hey guys...new to this site....joined coz u guys seemed to know your stuff .....yet to work out how to post pics....but the circuit board in my 96 jeep has burnt out....trying to work out wot I need to get for it...someone has kindly already posted a similar issue so here is the address https://www.cherokeeforum.com/f2/overhead-console-quit-working-80432/index2/ it's directly below the burnt capacitor.....Orange with two bands of colour....is that a resisistor.....any help would be great
Hm. Not sure what it is, but fairly sure it's not a resistor - the tiny little black blocks with the silver bands at each end (right off the corner of the display) are the resistors (with surface mount stuff, they put a number on that represents the resistance instead of the color bands.

What you're pointing at might be a diode, but I'm not 100% sure given I'm more of a software guy than a hardware one. Can you read the part number off your own board, such that you could try looking for a replacement on eBay or similar? Even if it's not working, one that's not burned anywhere might serve as a source for that part so you don't have to identify exactly what it is. Of course, if you find a working one for not much money, just swapping the whole board might be the simpler route.

This is the XJ edition of the board, but you might find some useful info in the thread anyways, they're likely fairly close designs other than firmware, bus interface hardware (WJ uses PCI, XJ and I think ZJ used CCD) and maybe sensor wiring. https://www.naxja.org/forum/showthread.php?t=1057433