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Tach addon, etc


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Ok, this no-tach thing is starting to get quite annoying. Can't quote you guys RPM numbers if I can't measure them :D

1988 XJ 4.0 base model, tan/black interior... what years can I look for to steal the instrument panel from? Were they all black plastic background or are there other colors floating out there?

Now from my understanding the tach wiring's already there, but I'll need new temp/oil senders to get those gauges to work. What am I to do about the speedo/odometer, can I move the old to the 'new'?

This will be stock-level upgrade number 1... kinda playing with the idea of adding power locks, but that'd probably be a real bear. Do want to grab a passenger-side mirror though, mine is conspicuously absent, looks like it never had one :confused: Maybe add the under-dash courtesy lamp sockets... center console if I can find one... rear speakers? yeesh, i'm not even modding it and there's too much to add :D

[edit] Oh yeah, before I forget... windshield got a semi-minor chip/crack in it a few days ago on the interstate, not to mention the 15 years or so of wiper groove patterns ingrained into it. Insurance will pay for new glass, so... where would you guys recommend I take it to get a replacement, the dealer?
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For the instrument panel you can go up through 90. After that, the speedometer is electronic, and not applicable. I think you also need to make sure it's from a 6 cylinder model, not a 4, or the tach will be off. You probably will not be able to move the speedometer, because the one in the new cluster will have a trip odo, and will probably not be identical inside. When I went to swap an 89 cluster into my 87 (which had gauges but no tach), I found that all the innards were different, even using different mountings, and I wasn't able to transfer speedos. Your best bet is to note the mileage and just live with the change, or, if you're adventurous, you can reset the odo on the new one. I did this on my 95 with a dental pick. Just remember that even if you've done it accurately, it's been tampered with, and you need to make that disclaimer if you sell it.

Make sure, too, that all the necessary bulbs are in the left-hand warning light section. Different holes will be filled, depending on whether you have 4WD, full-time, stick shift, ABS, etc.
Ok. So after much procrastination, I got a new panel (thanks sidriptide!) and it works fine... was lucky enough to get one similar enough that I could swap my old odometer in.

Question though - assuming I can adjust the new odometer to my real mileage, that is - the new odometer must have come from a cruise-control-equipped Jeep, since it has the 6" long cable instead of the very long one attached to the old one. How do you switch the cable? They both go into a white plastic cone thing with a metal cap on the end. (pics can be taken if necessary) does that cap come off? didn't really want to try, i have a tendency to break little plastic pieces like that. =]
The two tabs on that white plastic thing are the retainers. Rumor has it that by squeezing those the speedo cable comes off the instrument.

Having said that ... I have a cluster here with that 6" pigtail and I can't get it off. Like you, I have a tendency to break things if I force them too hard. The 6" pigtain isn't my concern, but I don't want to damage the speedo by yanking too hard.
Ok, back home, trying to take off the cable now and.....

Well, uh... mine came right off easily when I did that. =]

further investigation reveals: the clips don't do anything by themselves, but squeezing them together forces the round retainer into an oval shape which lets two plastic guides on either side (90 degrees off from the tabs) come out of the groove they're in. If it won't come out, looks like squeezing harder won't hurt anything.

oh, and the secret to resetting the odometer is the C-clip. that is all...
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