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Snapped t-case main shaft can't find one.....help!


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Well took my jeep (89 with a 93 AW4 NP231) out for a drive and needless to say I snapped the main shaft. Like snapped it and busted off the extension housing on it. Now I've been looking for a month now every where before coming here. Now I've read that I need a 90.5/91-95/96 main shaft for a 231. All I've found is ones outta 97-01 from the way I understood it I can't use those cause of changing shaft angle. Would anyone know if the main shaft outta dodge 231DHD would work and if so what year would my cut off be cause the main shaft for those fit from a 94-01 ram 1500 and Dakota's of round the same year give or take. Going with a sye isn't a option. Thanks y'all preciate it.
And all I can find at the local pull a part is Grand Cherokees would a main shaft outta one those be a better option. Not sure if they'd be the same main shaft as they put in the 231DHD being as they use a Chrysler transmission.
Earliest I could find was a 94 pretty sure it has the 231 mated to a 42re I think, don't quote me on it but that's what I remember my 97 having. But that being the case would the main shaft be essentially the same as the 231 on the aw4. I'm thinking they are but don't want to go rip one apart just to find out its not interchangable being as it's against that 42re. But hell I might be over thinking it lol. Preciate it though it'd be nice come across a 93 zj.
Well the local pull a part was a bust....got the main shaft pulled long with the oil pump and tail housing. Took it up there to pay for it, and was told that they don't sale the transfer cases by the part and I'd have to pay for a whole transfer case. Which was only like 120$ which ain't bad but before it was all over and done with it came to 287$ and some change. Just for the dlshsft and extension housing. So I gave it a hard pass, found a good np231d out of a 95 or 96 Dakota for 50$ works and all so I'm just gonna grab that I reckon and see if I can just mate ri tbe t case to the aw4 if not my brother needs a 231d for is d150 so it won't go unused. Ugh.
Yeah sorry been looking for some kinda spec on it online cause mine broke pretty much flush with the oil pump. It's the 23 spline main shaft I'll look again for the length.
That's 23-spline on the input gear right? I know the input gear changes depending on narrow or wide bearing, spline count, and snout length, but I'm not sure whether the main output shaft is different.
Thought I'd added some more to this but I guess I backed out before it added it so here I go once again.
I couldnt find anything on anything so I figured id call the company that makes the transfer cases we all use, the parent company is called magma industries or something of the sort outta Troy Michigan but called and got a this number is no longer in service message idk beats me. So I called Novak technical support and at first guy wasn't too helpful said they don't mess with early aw4's or dodge transfer cases, but after talking for a minute he said to check the following : see if the shifter is the same or something it's not I think it's reverse of the one outta the jeep. Check the input gear(spline count is 23 for both) and overall length of the whole thing I'll get to that last ine here momentarily. Now the input shaft on the 231d is longer than the one on the jeep. But I went and crawled under the jeep to check the depth. Now this isn't a real scientific method it's snowing outside and I was in a hurry. All I had at hand was a straw from a WD-40 can. But it seems the 231d won't have any problem sealing to the aw4 I have I mean where that input gear slides in to the tranny there's definitely enough room to seal. Now on to the length. Just stick with me fellas it gets better.
Now the extension housing for the 231 off the jeep I ordered when I was looking for a main shaft for it is 4 1/8 inches long the one on the 231d is 5 5/8 inches long. And the yoke that would be going into the extension housing is 3 3/4 or so can't remember off the top of my head atm. So it got me wondering if I could do pretty much a hack n tap with out the tap. It seemed feasible if the splines run down the dodge main shaft far enough.
But yeah I screwed up������ the yoke I used to check the main shaft on the 231d I thought was a old jeep yoke I had being I have an array of misc jeep parts. Turns out it wasn't I grabbed my drive line out the back seat today to check and make sure it'd work, nope, I grabbed the drive shaft and started spinning it and it just spun around the main shaft. So now I'm back to square one. I threw the yoke I had used against the one on the drive shaft they're the same size and what not heck they even look the same at inside diameter eyeballing it. Idk maybe I bit off more than I can chew cause I wasn't really wanting to crack the case open being as I've never done it before. And I'm the walking embodiment of Murphy's Law.
Wonder if I pulled the front yoke off the other trans case and did a hack n tap and used that yoke for the rear. Sorry some of this is just me thinking out loud. Figure looking at it when it's wrote out might show me how much a bad idea it seems.
That's 23-spline on the input gear right? I know the input gear changes depending on narrow or wide bearing, spline count, and snout length, but I'm not sure whether the main output shaft is different.

Main shaft is 26 at the yoke on the rear couldn't tell you bout the count inside the transfer case. But yeah the input gear is 23 spline. Only time is took one apart was Mon at a local jy had it apart and the main shaft taken out still connected to the oil pump and extension housing, went to check out and they told me either had to go and grab the transfer case it came out of or pay the transfer case price just for the shaft they then went on to charge me a extra hundred dollars cause I wouldn't end up having a core to swap. So I told them they could take that t-case and shove it. And thats how I ended up just going and grabbing that 231d later that same day for 50$
I still have mine. Can you measure the length of yours and how many splines is it?

Idk the length I've tried to look online to no avail, and mine busted pretty much flush where the extension housing bolts up to the t-case I know the input gear meeting the tranny is 23 splines. I did measure the extension housing I'd bought the other day when I was hunting a main shaft and it's 4 1/8 inches. And the main shaft itself is 26 where the yoke slides over it I presume by counting the ones on the yoke. This is a first for and it's proving to be a bigger PITA than I'd thought
You're good no worries for worked the dodge t-case to work. I was a little sketched bout taking one apart and not mess something up in the process. It fit of course just the main shaft was too long so I cut that down to where I could use a replacement extension housing I'd bought that and having a fab shop take a front yoke off the busted t-case cause it fit perfect on the main shaft of the dodge t-case and sleeve it so I could use it like the stock t-case.