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SWB people


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Denver, CO
Looking for people with a TJ, YJ, CJ, etc. Think I got a CJ already. There is a guy in NJ that's starting to make bumpers and other related stuff and would like some people's jeeps as test subjects. He asked if I could find some for him. He's got an XJ himself, so he's not looking for any of them. He said he will be using 2x4 box steel with a 1/8" thickness for the bumpers. He said that he would make a bumper for the prototypes for the price of metal. He showed me one of his XJ tire carriers he made and it looks nice and well made. He said just come to his house for a half day or so and he'll do it. Let me know if you're interested and I will let him know. This could be a nice cheap bumper for your son's new YJ John B. _nicko_
Appreciate the thought Nick..

He's more than welcome to use the YJ as a template. Call me at work tonight and we can talk about it in depth. 267-679-3243

But i gotta wonder if 1/8" is gonna be thick enough for him to gain an edge in a competitive market. Or is he just making the prototypes out of 1/8"?