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Swaybar Bushings Help


NAXJA Forum User
I need to replace the bushings on my front sway bar. These are the ones that attach to the frame. The stealership wants $30 a pop for these....is there a cheaper way?

I am also looking for the axle bushings for the UCA for a D30. Anyone know where to find these?

Daystar(I think that's the brand) makes poly sway bar bushings for like 12 bucks. That's what I'm running and they made a noticeable difference over the stock rubber ones. Be sure and measure the diameter of your sway bar as I think there were two sizes in production.
For the control arm bushings try Rubicon Express, and realize they are a major PITA to change out.

Thanks for the info. Where is a good place to get daystar?
autozone has the swaybar bushings??
yep I bought "Daystar Energy Suspension" end link bushings there, and they were right next to their swaybar bushings.

it's in the suspension section with the helper leaves and shackles and such