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SwapMeet at Moab?


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Something to think about as we'll have people there from all over US :) You might end up selling things that are clogging up your garage and so on :) What do you guys think?

Would be a good idea to set up a table or two during the show-n-shine. I'm already bringing a few parts I promised to sell to others.
Sounds good to me!

Lets discuss this more here. Anybody else interested? We could set up a table at the show-n-shine. Its not like we have a lot of vendors signed up yet!
I'm all for it! Maybe I can sell some junk by listing it here first and then bring it to Moab.......

D44 front from an '88 Waggy, non-vac disco, complete with steering, discs and spare set of axle shafts.

D44 rear axle from an '87 XJ. No axle shafts or backing plates. Has 3.73 and a limited slip.

Set of 5 '00 XJ steel spoke wheels and center caps. 15x8, in excellent shape.

Mopar rear tire carrier, complete with all hardware, still mounted to a black bumper.

Numerous XJ tail lights.

Rusty's air tube and filter.

Tinted rear side window set with wing vents from a '93 XJ two door in good shape.

Front fiberglass header panel with headlights and buckets from a '94 XJ.

Two rear bumpers, one black in good shape, one chrome - missing an end cap.

Headlight bezels and grille from a '94 XJ, was chrome, but poorly painted black. Solid, but needs re-painted.

Brake booster and master cyl., new units from NAPA, taken off of an '85-86 XJ.

FREE - misc. assortment of factory XJ flares, some black, some painted. You take one, you take 'em all.

All items will be sold for best offer. Lemme know via e-mail or PM, or they'll be available at the Moab event.

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I'll start loading things up now! Matt's busy with harvest , so I'm sure I could find the floor in the garage! ~:shhh:

~the Farmers Wife~
If only it was so easy to seperate the pile out.........

~ The Farmers Wife~
I have enough spare parts, that if I were to bring them all I would need a HUGE trailer!! I don't like trailers.

If you need something please e-mail me, otherwise I will be only bringing the common stuff. axels, driveshafts, ujoints, steering box, full sets of steering bars, and anything else I can think someone might need. Cuz they don't fit on mine anymore!!

also, my first 4x4 an 83 toyota shortbox, still has parts laying in my garage, I have front axle shafts, both front and back driveshafts a grill and some other parts.

I have parts of other trucks that I have built over the years, from the jeeps and toy to the big 1 ton beef. If you need anything large I need to know ahead of time. I can also line up fullsize dana 60's, 2 1/2 ton, and 5 ton axles, rims and tires up to the huge michlan X terrain.

So let me know if theres somthin you're lookin for!
I got some lower control arms and a d35 non clip with 4.56 and a lock right I could bring down.
trailrunner said:
I can get you a front drive shaft. What would you need a stock drive shaft for? What kind of money do you want for the D30?

For a spare. Not sure what I would want for the D30, it's HP, has custom machined hi steer knuckles milled for 1 ton TREs with custom machined hub spacers and new calipers. Raised trackbar/swaybar mounts and setup for rockkrawler radius arms which I would include. That's whats in it, not sure what to ask. Make me an offer, I'm pretty open about it.
forgot, I have a stock crosmember I can bring too

back east I have some 4.5" coils from Rusty's that gave me 5.25" of lift. let me know if anyone wants them, I can bring them back with me to bring to moab.