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Suggestions for backspacing


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Houston, Texas
I'm trying to figure out what backspacing to get on some rockcrawlers and wanted to hear from anyone that might have a similar lift to what I'm about to install.
I have a 98 XJ (Dana 30 in front and Dana 44 in the rear) and I'm about to install:
Rusty's 4.5" springs
1.75" coil spacers
1.75" shackle
TrailMaster control arm drop brackets(same as RE's)
33x12.5x15 X-Terrains

I know I'm going to have to do some trimming to clear the tires but what backspacing would be best to help tuck the tires in the fenderwells?
i have almost the exact same set up, and i have 4" bs on 15x8's. I have hacked the fenders though. the tires tuck fine. if you want to keep the flares and trim them, i would suggest 4.5" bs.

I have 4.5" and they fit fine, they do not rub on the control arms.
Sean M.
Well, since the topic is already going...

I'm going to run 35x12.5" SSRs soon with 6" lift and heavily cut fenders w/TJ flares. My current rims have 4.5" backspacing. Anybody see any problems? Anybody have recommendations on a better backspacing? I'm a little nervous about them fitting. I'll probably buy new rims but wanted opinions on my current ones. Thanks.
I had those tires on mine for quite a while on 3.25" backspace.
I really like the wider stance especially at that height. It may be a little harder on the ball joints but it's a small price to have the big rubba!

TrailMaster control arm drop brackets(same as RE's)
If you use these, I HIGHLY recommend you get the braces from RE. After a few rocks you will come to find out that the drop brackets are stronger than the metal they're mounted to.
My db's are welded on and I have the braces.

Just my experience, yours will differ.
yeh, definetly get the braces. they're only like $70. About the bacspacing, I would reccomend 3.75" or 4" backspacing on an 8" rim. You will have to trim regardless of backspacing with those tires so youy might as well get a wider stance if you have to trim. 3.75 and 4" bs will still allow you to tuck the tires under stock flares barely. I think it is the best balance between stability and trimming. And beleive me, it does add a LOT more stability to the Jeep. I switched my 32s on stock rims for my friends 32s on 4" bs wheels for a day and it felt much safer. So go with either 4" if you want less trimming or 3.75 if you need even more stability.
I have 4" bs and the RE 5.5" kit. Whether you have to do alot or a little trimming is kinda subjective. I like the 4" bs for its stability. With 12.5 tires I alomost as much wider as I am taller. However, I did have to trim alot more than I would have liked. I had tro trim the front sheetmetal right up to the flare mounting bolts. Then I trimmed the flares themselves so that no material turns under the flare. It looks realy good, but I may have to cut the rear of the front flare off completely. We'll see.

All I had to do in the back is trim a little sheetmetal from under the rear endcap. I also left the end cap off.

I would have had to do even less with 4.5" bs