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Sudden spike in temp then rough start later.


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I had a weird symptom today. I was waiting in line at the bank with my windows open and realized that the air coming up was hotter than normal. I looked at the temp gauge and it was at about 225. It’s normally around 195ish all day long. I got moving again and it came down but it crept back up at the next stop and I had to put it in neutral and raise the idle to bring it back down. I got to the store and went about my business. When I started it back up about 20 min later it started in the normal time but revved up to 1500 came to idle rapidly almost died then it popped back up to 1500 and settled back down with a rough idle. I gave it a couple of revs to try and clear it out without any difference. I just put it in gear and took off. No problem, so I stopped around the corner and it was running fine. All the way home it was sitting on 210. It was like 70 degrees outside so the environment should not be a factor. The electric fan never came on until I hit the AC to check to see if it would come on. This past summer when I lived in AZ I put in a new 3-core radiator, new hoses, new thermostat with a new housing, new water pump, as well as a new fan clutch. Tonight I went out to see if it threw any codes with the key trick it threw me another curve ball. I got 32 and then 5 blinks. It only gave me 2 and nothing else, 32 and 50 (or 5). What the heck? With my past research I was able to find the codes in my favorites but they make no sense.

32 (1984 only) power loss/limited lamp or circuit
32 EGR gases not working (1988) - check vacuum, valve
32 (1990-92) computer didn't see change in air/'fuel ratio when EGR activated - check valve, vacuum lines, and EGR electrical

There is absolutely no mention of a code 50 or 5. I am going to go out again and do it a 3rd time to make sure but I am 90% sure that’s it. My visual inspection did not bring anything to my attention. The coolent looked great, no leaks and everything seemed normal other than a higher engine bay temp.

BTW, I have a 1995, 4.0, AW4, 231, 143xxx miles.

This past summer I also put in a new throttle position sensor, idle air controller, MAP sensor, O2 sensor, CPS, coil, distributor, plugs, wires, distributor pickup, cap and rotor.

I appreciate all your help. You guys are always able to give great input and source the problem.
Ok so it looks like its just giving me code 55...

"55 End of codes"

That dose not help.
I have no idea what it could have been. Today it ran just fine and the temp was right where it normaly is.