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stupid regear question

jimmy forbes

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i have a dana 35 rear, 33s and dont plan on going any bigger, my question is what gears will help my gas mileage the most 4.11 or 4.56. should i even bother regearing the 35, im still not sure if i need 2 upgrade my axle.
any input would be great
Definately go with the 4.56's,I just went from 32's to 33's and I dont care for the highway performance(uphill) at all.
I have 4.88 gears in mine..with 12.5 x 33 Cooper M/T's. The RPM at 60mph is just a fuzz over what it was with stock tires and 3.73 gears. The effective gearing is so close to stock that i didn't change my speedo gear...

BTW...I have found that tire diameter doesn't always match the appearant size...my 33 Coops are actually 31.8 tall...my next set will be 33 x 15.5 TSL/SX they are 33.1 diameter. Measure your actual diameter if you are going to use a tire size RPM calculator..I used the chart at www.reiderracing.com taking into account the actual tire diameter.

My fuel mileage was under 10mpg with the stock gears...after changing it went up to around 16mpg which is what i got before the lift and bigger tires.:D
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