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Stock axle swap woes


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stevens, PA
I have two '98 XJ's. One is an auto (parts vehicle) and the other is manual and my daily driver. I thought I'd swap out the front ends (both Dana 30's) cause the auto has 3.55's and the manual has only 3.07's. I'm running 31's on the daily driver and the 3.55's should perform better. So we swapped them out but now I have rubbing between my steering linkage and the pass side sway bar at one particular spot in suspension travel (not a huge concern - but it didn't happen with my other axle) AND the tie rod end on the driver's side is hitting the rotor. The rotor is rubbing the grease boot enough to have cut a hole in it and now grease is being deposited on my rotor and getting slung around on the inside of the wheel. Anyone else have this problem or have a solution to it?

I'm running a 3.5 RE lift with replacement leaf packs plus a 2" budget boost, t-case drop with stock aluminum wheels and 265/75 R15 tires. All of these mods have been finished for about two years with no issues what-so-ever and the only difference is the axle swap, now I've got issues. What do you think?
they made two different rotors for the xj one is a composite and the other is regular i think but the point is one of them has a shorter "hat" if you will which may clear your tie rod end but you will also have to change the caliper and caliper mount which may be on the other axle
Do you have an aftermarket, track bar? Did you re adjust it?
Might want to swap the steering knuckles - do the ball joints while you're there. The middle should be the same. I know, year for year the whole assembly "should" be the same.....

Yup. Got a JKS adjustable track bar and its set so the axle is properly under the jeep. Thought about swapping the knuckles, but was disappointed that I should have to do this.

I will check the rotors for similarity...I did use my complete brakes on the front from the old axle, I'll let you know. The tie rod end on the old axle did appear to have similar damage from dragging on the rotor...