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Stereo drivers side speaker

Ron Hyslop

NAXJA Forum User
Madison, WI
2001xj Classic with factory option cd player without infinity sound. Drivers door speaker inop, dealer replaced speaker, worked ok for awile, then worked intermittently. Dealer replaced the radio/cd player, speaker still works intermittently, am taking back to the dealer nextweek as warranty expires in about 30days. My neighbor just bought a 2000xj Sport, just a stereo, no cd player, and guess what? The driver door speaker does not work. Any body know if this is atrend?

I believe it is. A friend has a 99 that hsppend to. But his warnty expired right before it happened. It is neither the spaeker or the head unit. It is the green wire in the door loom. His was broken where it joins other wires under some clear plastic. I had to pull the door harness and fish it backwards to get to the break. Have them check the wire harness going through the hole in the drivers foot well into the door. I believe it is common b/c I have heard of other people asking about it. Also, if it is common I would have them repair the break, assumeing that is what it is, and not replace the line b/c it is my belief that it will just happen again! Now again, this is all JMHO!
The same thing happened on my 87. It's a common failure on many cars because the cable is flexed so much. I think sometimes it is aggravated in the XJ by the cable of the window mechanism yanking on the wiring inside the door, so when it is repaired make sure it is routed correctly.
you'd probrably waste more money in gas driving it to the dealership for repair then ya would if ya just put a new wire in yourself, i'd replace the speaker wire with like 16 or 14 gauge wire not for sound impovement or anything but because it will be harder to break as its thicker wire. If ya got a few spare feet or wire laying around just chop off the old wires and splice in some new ones, should take you no more then 10 minutes to do the job.


Is wire in door boot-

Those stupid techs!! Is so easy to diagnose!! I SURELY would NOT take anything there even for an oil change!! This is a very common problem on these XJ's. Had to repair those wires first on the Pass side then the Driver's side on my '98. The problem was concentrated around nasty large splice connectors in that area that focused the flexing of those wires. More bad quality control!! Unfortunately requires pulling the door and kick panels for an effective repair.

Did not see the need for complete wire replacement...not pumping enough power to those speakers for the necessity.