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FS: CLEAN Lifted 1989 Jeep Cherokee XJ Limited 4.0L 4x4 - SW Virginia


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Hey everyone, I've got my XJ for sale, and I'd like to see it go to a good home. I know there are enthusiasts of all kinds on this site, and ultimately the right place for this Jeep is with an enthusiast. The Jeep is located in Roanoke, Virginia. There are ~90 pictures of the Jeep on the auction site.

Link to ebay auction - http://www.ebay.com/itm/131029784237

A list of specifications and maintenance/modification items is listed below the photos.

General Info:
I purchased this Jeep in stock form in January of 2007 with 155,000 miles. I have my records from that time to present. The previous owner was a retiree who purchased it in 1993. I have his maintenance records as well. This Jeep has been non-smoker adult-owned, operated, and maintained since new. The Jeep currently has 168,310 actual miles(verifiable through my registration/maintenance records and Carfax/Autocheck), and that may vary slightly as I do drive it a few times a week. All maintenance and upgrades listed below have been performed in the roughly 13,000 miles I have driven the Jeep, and as such are all recent. The vehicle is titled in my name in the State of Virginia, with no liens or salvage brands. Virginia State safety inspection is current and valid through 4/2014. This is my personal vehicle, I am not a used car dealer. As a reminder, this is a 24-year-old modified vehicle. As such, it is not perfect, and does have some flaws. I have done my best to represent the condition of the Jeep as accurately as possible, so please be sure to read the complete description. I have also included a large number of photos to help illustrate it's condition. If there is something you don't see in the photos or description that you would like more information about, please send me a message. I am happy to answer any questions you have about the vehicle.

The Jeep's body is solid, but has some dings and small dents, as would be expected for a vehicle of this age. Rocker panels and floors are in great shape. There is some light rust on the bottom of the driver's door and lower edge of left quarter panel(see photos). Original paint is in good condition for it's age, and shows well, but is thin in places. It could use a good buff and wax. The truck originally had gold pinstripes with “Limited” script on the fenders. These were removed and replaced with blue pinstripes. The Jeep has factory privacy glass, and aftermarket tint has been added to provide additional privacy/security to the vehicle.

The interior is in good condition with the original dark grey leather power-operated seats. Driver's seat has some wear, other seats are in very good condition for their age. I added an OEM overhead console and rear “sound bar” overhead speaker console from a later-model XJ. Headliner has been professionally re-upholstered, along with the visors and overhead console. The overhead console includes storage for sunglasses and a garage door opener, and also houses the switches for the auxiliary lighting. I never wired the compass display, but it is there. The console dome lights operate as they should. Dashboard is in good condition with no cracks or other damage. It does show some sun fading/discoloration on the top surface. Some minor nicks/wear spots are present on the door and trim panels. Carpet is in good condition, but could use some spot cleaning. There are Husky brand floor liners up front. I haven't had anyone in the back seat of the Jeep in the entire time I've owned it. There are some rubber mats back there, but nothing special. All interior lighting has been upgraded to low-draw LEDs, in the correct factory colors(green and white, where appropriate). I also switched the Jeep from it's original 2-key system(one for the doors, one for the ignition) to the later-style single-key system. This reduces complexity, and makes for one less key to carry. I do have the original factory door lock remote fob. The Jeep has a JVC CD Player(selected for it's available green lighting to match the other interior lights) and Blaupunkt speakers in the front doors and the rear “sound bar”. There is an additional 12v socket below the dash next to the console. The Jeep is wired for a Sirius Starmate satellite radio which I will include in the sale. I also installed a Uniden Pro510XL CB Radio and a Firestik Firefly Detachable CB antenna on a custom mount.


Auxiliary lights are installed on a 45x60” Surco aluminum roof rack. Up front are four Hella 500 lights, two driving and two fog lights. These, combined with the upgraded headlights, produce plenty of light for offroading at night. There is a rectangular dual-bulb Hella flood light mounted on the back of the rack that produces plenty of light for backing up in the dark, or for illuminating your camping area. Switches for these lights are all in the overhead console, and the fuse block and relays for them are enclosed in their own control box in the back of the Jeep. There is also a spare 12v socket next to the box that I use for a small power inverter. There is one switch and circuit in the system that is wired, but not currently in use. I intended to add flood lights to both sides of the roof rack, but never got around to it. This circuit can be used for any number of applications(On Board Air, additional lighting, etc). There is another switch in the right quarter trim panel, also intended for future use. The roof rack wiring has quick-disconnect GM Weatherpack connectors, making it easy to remove the roof rack when needed. In addition to the auxiliary lighting, the standard lights have all been upgraded to European specifications. These lights are a significant improvement to the standard North American-spec lighting. The headlights are H4 housings with replaceable 80/100w bulbs. A custom relay harness has been added to support the up-rated bulbs. The front turn signals and corner markers are OEM Jeep parts from Europe, in the correct amber color. The corner lights do not use bulbs. There are Hella 500 Amber fog lamps in the factory location on the front bumper, operated using the factory switch in the dashboard. The OEM turn signal repeaters are mounted in the factory location above the wheel arches on the front fenders, and are correctly configured to blink with the turn signals for additional visibility when changing lanes. OEM Euro-spec taillights include a fully-functional rear fog lamp.

Engine/Transmission/Transfer Case:

The original 4.0L engine runs well, and the AW4 Automatic transmission shifts properly. An additional external transmission cooler was added. The NP242 transfer case engages and disengages all drive modes. I removed the factory mechanical fan and replaced it and the stock electric fan with three high-volume Land Rover fans. These operate on their own relay- and fuse-protected circuit. The power steering pump has been replaced, the steering box has been upgraded to a Dodge Durango unit, along with frame reinforcements and a Rusty's steering box brace. A power steering cooler has been added. The fuel injectors were replaced with flow-matched 19lb Bosch BMW units, which greatly improved fuel delivery consistency. Engine and transmission mounts have been replaced, as have plugs, wires, cap, and rotor. The cooling system was completely replaced from the firewall forward, and upgraded to the later “open” type cooling system. This included a new CSF 3-Row all metal radiator, water pump, thermostat, radiator and heater hoses, and heater control valve. The entire system(including the heater core) was flushed. The valve cover was converted to the later-style steel version. Exhaust is Dynomax, and the catalytic converter has been replaced.

The extremely problematic factory-original ABS system has been removed and completely replaced with a non-ABS system from a '96 Cherokee. Jeep had a lifetime recall on the ABS system and components due to it's inherent faults. After having the system completely replaced by a Jeep dealer(free of charge), the system failed again, so I elected to eliminate it entirely in the interested of safety. This is a common conversion due to the known issues with the factory ABS system. The brake booster and master cylinder setup is from a '96 Cherokee. I added a manual bias-control valve, and replaced all of the hard lines. Brake hoses are braided stainless steel with kevlar coating. The rear brakes were converted from drums to discs using OEM Jeep Grand Cherokee parts. Pads and rotors all around have been replaced, as have e-brake cables.

Suspension is comprised of a DPG Offroad/Old Man Emu 3.5” Ultimate XJ kit, with JKS ACOS coil-over spacers, JKS adjustable HD Trackbar, JKS Swaybar disconnects, and DPG Offroad front swaybar disconnect cables. Ironman4x4 Fabrication adjustable-length front control arms replace the stock units. The Jeep rides nicely, and is stable and comfortable on- and off-road. It will not beat you up like many other lift kits. I have replaced a number of other bushings and other suspension items, as listed below. The front axle is a stock Dana 30, without the troublesome vacuum disconnect system. The rear axle is a 29-spline Chrysler 8.25, with a professionally powdercoated RuffStuff Specialties differential cover with drain plug, sealed with a LubeLocker gasket. Rear axle bearings and seals have been replaced. Both axles are running stock gears(3.55) and differentials. Transfer case is the NP242, with full-time and part-time 4WD modes. A Rusty's Offroad HD transfer case crossmember with a 1” drop was added to improve the rear driveline angle. The wheels are OEM Chrysler 17” steel wheels, with OEM Jeep center caps. They are attached to 1” SpiderTrax spacers with Gorilla locking wheel nuts. Tires are 265/70R17 Treadwright Guard Dog M/Ts on BFG All-Terrain cores. The tires have less than 5000 miles on them.

Exterior photos:




Interior Photos:






Mechanical photos:





1989 Jeep Cherokee Limited 4.0L 4WD
AW4 Automatic Transmission
NP242 Transfer case (Full time/Part time)
Dana 30 Front axle(non-vacuum disconnect) 3.55
Chrysler 8.25” Rear axle (29-spline) 3.55
Power Windows
Power Mirrors
Power Locks
Tilt Column
Cruise Control

Bushwhacker Flat Flares(professionally installed)
Surco 45x60” aluminum roof rack with Auxiliary lighting
New Windshield
New front door seals
New tailgate seal
Tailgate glass replaced
New tailgate glass seal
Larger Late-model power mirrors
New Rear bumper brackets
Original white paint
Factory privacy glass with aftermarket tint

Lighting converted to European specifications
H4 Headlamps with 80/100w bulbs
XXX HD Headlamp wiring harness
OEM European-spec front signal lenses and corner lenses
OEM turn signal repeaters in front fenders
OEM European-spec tail lamps with integrated rear fog lamp
Hella 500 Amber Fog lamps in OEM location on from bumper
Hella 500 Clear Driving lamps on Surco Roof Rack
Hella 500 Clear Fog lamps on Surco Roof Rack
Hella Rear-facing flood lamp on Surco Roof Rack
Custom wiring harness and relay setup for auxiliary lighting

DPG Offroad/Old Man Emu 3.5” Ultimate XJ Suspension lift
Old Man Emu NitroCharger Sport Shocks
Old Man Emu Front coil springs
Old Man Emu Rear dual-rate leaf springs
JKS ACOS Front Adjustable Coil Over Spacers
JKS Adjustable front track bar
JKS Front Swaybar Quicker Disconnects
DPG Swaybar disco cables
Ironman4x4 Adjustable lower control arms
New rear bump stops
New front hub/bearings
New rear axle bearings and seals
RuffStuff Specialties 3/8” Thick rear differential cover – Professionally Powdercoated
LubeLocker rear differential cover gasket

Rebuilt Dodge Durango steering box
Power steering cooler
New power steering pump
Rusty's Steering Box Brace
CRok steering box frame reinforcements
Steering column shaft


Flow-matched 19lb BMW fuel injectors
Rusty's HD Transfer Case Crossmember - 1” Drop
Dynomax Exhaust
New Catalytic converter
Steel valve cover conversion with rubber gasket
New engine mounts
New Transmission mounts
Neutral Safety Switch rebuilt
New O2 sensor
New Intake Air Temperature(IAT) Sensor
New Knock sensor
New ignition control module
New Plug Wires
New Spark Plugs
New Distributor Cap
New Rotor
New fuel filter
Rebuilt Starter
Additional 4 gauge grounds added from engine-chassis
140A alternator
New transmission filter
New Transmission Pan filter

Cooling System:

Converted to later-style “open” cooling system with radiator cap
Entire cooling system(including heater core) flushed
New 3-core all-metal CSF radiator
New radiator cap
New water pump
New Thermostat
New radiator hoses
New heater hoses
New heater control valve
New serpentine belt
Triple electric fans(mechanical fan removed)
Faulty Factory ABS system removed & replaced with complete braking system from '96 XJ
Larger '96 XJ Brake booster
'96 XJ master cylinder
Adjustable brake bias valve
New brake lines(hard)
New braided stainless steel brake hoses(2 front, 1 rear)
New front pads and rotors
Rear disc brake conversion from ZJ
New rear pads and rotors
New e-brake cables(for disc brakes)

17” OEM Chrysler steel wheelsOEM Jeep center caps
265/70R17 Treadwright Guard Dog M/T
Gorilla black anodized locking wheel nuts
1” SpiderTrax spacers front and rear
Full-size spare(tire is the same size, not same brand/tread)

Converted from 2-key locks(doors/ignition using different keys) to later-model OEM single-key(all locks use same key).
Hella Air Horns(dual) – 118dB – LOUD!!
JVC KD-A315 CD Player w/aux input
Blaupunkt PC Series speakers(4)
Sirius Starmate satellite radio
Uniden Pro510XL CB Radio
Firestik Firefly Detachable CB antenna on custom mount.
Known functional issues:

*A/C Inoperative. Compressor was replaced, R134a conversion kit added, but I never charged the system. It may not need anything more than a recharge.
*Cruise Control Inoperative. - It hasn't worked since I bought the Jeep, and I haven't investigated further.
*Has some oil leaks. Valve cover leaks a bit, oil pan leaks. It does mark it's spot in the driveway.
*Power door locks are sticky/slow. This is a known problem with these vehicles as they get older. At present, the front doors lock and unlock reliably with the power lock button(s). In warmer weather the rear doors work as well. The tailgate will unlock, but not lock with the power locks. All locks work properly when operated manually or with the key.
*Power windows are slow. Same situation as the power locks due to the age of the Jeep. One of the rear window mechanisms makes some noise at the bottom of it's travel.


Full size spare wheel/tire(Goodyear Wrangler)
Extra OEM hood in matching white
Spare rear driveshaft
OEM Cargo area Cover
OEM Spare tire carrier(missing some brackets, needs work)
Extras available for purchase, NOT included with sale price of the Jeep:

Superwinch X6 6000lb winch - Brand New in original shipping crate, never installed
1 Set of four(4) OEM steel wheels with tires(used)
1 Set of four(4) OEM alloy wheels with tires(used)
& More OEM/Aftermarket spare parts(new and used)
Do you live in Roanoke? There was a XJ just around the corner from me that had those same wheels on it. The road is Penguin in Penn Forest
I live on Verona Trail just off Kenwick. I started to stop and say hey a few times, I drive by there every day. Did you ever wheel it any?

It's been offroad a small handful of times, never any serious wheeling. I simply haven't had the time.
It's been offroad a small handful of times, never any serious wheeling. I simply haven't had the time.

Its a nice Jeep, wish we could have meet up while you had it. I could have showed you Potts Mountain and you would be hooked after that! I have ran Potts at least 50x and its always fun. I will always have a trail rig as long as Potts is open.

I own 6 Jeeps and I'm always in a different one so I doubt you have ever seen my trail rig on the road or would recognize what I drive.