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Steering box rebuild


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1. are steering boxes hard to rebuild?
2. If I do rebuild it, is there a mod I can do cheaply to make the steering lighter, like power steering was in 70's cars?

(This is in my rhd.)
I guess it depends on your skill set - but I gave up on the idea of rebuilding my old one as a spare, after I'd replaced it with another I had.

b-t-w if you find the spacer's broken, don't pay silly money for a new one (unless you really want the mega expensive steel one) pm me, as both mine came off intact.
My skill set is between being able to do a full engine rebuild, but not an auto transmission rebuild. i tried rebuilding one on my astro van years ago and couldn't figure it out, but that was a long time ago. I have a manual box on there my xj right now but it's getting stiff so I figured it's time to start gathering all the pieces to put it back to power. Buying everything new would be over $500!
I have done over a hundred box rebuilds. It is tedious and requires some specialized tools to do it easier. The reason I quit rebuilding is that it became impossible to get good quality seals and half the boxes would leak no matter what.
the factory manual details the rebuild. read that. you will need some special tools,

A nice up grade is a swap with a gear box from a Dodge Durrango there are a couple years of Dodge gear boxes that are a direct fit into the jeep. the dodge gear box is larger, stronger. I did that swap, got a junk yard Durrango gear box, using stock jeep pump. works nice

plenty of how too write ups for this swap can be found on the interweb.

I paid something like 60 bucks for the good used Durrango box at Pick n Pull. I found one from a low mile junk Dodge, the fluid was clean, so I pulled that one from the wrecker. works fine.
I've done 3 gear boxes. First you will need beam or dial type inch-lb torque wrench. So, about $100 used. I prefer the instructions from the 2000 FSM. I actually think the Mercedes-Benz instructions are a bit better. If only doing one, I'd check out Red Top or Blue Top to get it rebuilt.
Great video of a Saginaw rebuild. https://youtu.be/4ZFmeJY7NFc

Interesting, although did wonder how relevant/realistic it was going tp be when I saw how easily he undid the lines (certainly wasn't my experience), then the proof that removing the pitman arm is well nigh impossible; all in all an excellent demonstration that it's not really a D-i-Y proposition - not even to cure the leak round the output shaft, which is all that was wrong with mine.