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Speedo question


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I think I have a ghost or something, but I installed a SYE on my 88 np231 and the speedo quit working. When I took the plastic thing (don't know the tech term for it) that holds the rod that has the speedo gear on it out the rod fell out of the plastic thing that the cable screws into. Is that suppose to do that? I am figuring this thing is broke.
And after I cussed this ghost for this, I think it walked off with my linkage and plate that attaches to the TC. Can't find that thing anywhere. Where can I get one?

In Army Aviation that item is called a quill. So this would be called the speedometer quill. It not borken that how they work.

If you clean up the quill you will see there are numbers on the outer edge. On the transfer case there is a mark at the 4 o'clock position. That fork bracket will position the quill so it meshes correctly.

Once you have the quill installed the end of the speedo shaft will be flush with the end of the quill. Now attach the speedo cable and everything should work just fine.

I hear there is an O ring renewal kit available at the dealer. You might want to change those while you're at it.

Ok so why does it not mess with the main shaft now that the SYE is installed? It seems the "quill" isn't long enough to reach the place machined in the housing that I'm guessing it needs to rest on?
(1) To answer this it would be helpful to know whose SYE you installed.

(2) Since your problem stems from installing an SYE, it isn't an OEM problem and this thread belongs on the modified forum. That's where you'll find the folks who may have encountered the same problem.

If you notice the hole in the quill which the speedo gear shift is placed is off center. You need to make sure you have the quil rotated to the correct orientation. With speedo gears there are 3 basic diamaters, they correspond to the ranges case into the flange of the quill.

I went through this same problem when I changed my speedo gear. I did not get the speedo cable into the hole at the top of the speedo gear shaft. I drove and nothing was showing on the speedo. I pull it off and then try to instert to cable and then it worked.

When you look at this next time try this. Remove the speedo cable, remove the bolt & bracket holding the quill in place, then remove the quill.

Then count the number of teeth on your speedo gear, install the quill and speedo gear. Make sure to have the correct number range lined up with the mark on the transfer case at the 4 o'clock position of the hole. Then install the fork clamp, this will make sure you are in the right position and tighten the bolt. Finally install the cable and take care to make sure it is inserted into the hole in the end of the shaft.

I found trying it on a new day with a clear mind helps, or it did for me.