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Speedo cable for a 89 4wd with C.C. auto,4.0 lower . Can't find new


NAXJA Member
Anybody have an idea where I can locate a lower Speedo cable? Rock auto has one but it's 90 inches and both cables added up on mine is only 78 inches to gauge from these.
Has anyone used that 90 inches with success I will bypass C.Control if I have to. Thanks
I need one too! Please post if you find something. If the housing is OK , sometimes you can buy universal cable kits. Dorman 03368 or similar?
I ended up JB welding the plastic end piece that fits in the cruise adapter under the dash The housing was broke in two at the firewall, so I spliced it with red plastic hose from a HF transfer pump and super glued it so it kept the linear dimension.