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SoCal Karma Thread

Parts train?

And I get to see a friend I haven't seen in almost 2 years?

That would certainly work for me.
Calico bracket patterns claimed.
Whenever my ex wife wants to get rid of something that works she dumps it in my house. Keurig coffee machine.

Break, break...CB radio and firestik antenna for the taking, over and out good buddy!

oooOOOOooo, are you ever up in the IE?

I'll be passing through on the 15 toward the end of next month, mostly likely May 26th.
Coilover shocks, Radflo 2.0x10 emulsion. Shocks were JUST REBUILT and one of them blew out the bottom cap/bearing after one trail run. I'm thinking the internal snap ring holding the cap on wasn't properly seated. One good one left if anyone can use it.

Drum shoes for Chrysler 8.25 brand new. And hardware kit.

35x12.5x17 Mtr/ kevlar. About 15% tread left. Good for spare.

Used Dana 30 unit bearing. Good enough for a spare.

4- 6.5" pioneer speakers worked fine. No tears or rips in speaker. Upgraded speakers in jeep.

Dana 30 ball joints. New, couple of lowers and 1 upper. Mix of AutoZone and Spicer. No need for them.
Lmk otherwise stuff is going in trash. Thanks.
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Air Cleaner Check Valve; NIB

Standard Motor Products P/N: AV7
Bought by mistake, Way too late to return. My 87 RENIX 4.0 does not have one in spite of what Rock Auto said. The Standard site says it fits too. :dunno:

Click link for reference.

ETA: Fits '84 - '86 4 & V6 engines according to J C Whitney.

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CSF three row, brass/copper radiator for
RENIX closed system.
Needs rodded out.

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New, not rebuilt DuraLast (Autozone) master cylinder for Renix era. Will provide info for lifetime warranty.

New transmission mount (offset)

Both from my '87 MJ parts bin.

Pick up in Redlands. Ship on your dime. I can bring them to the SoCal holiday party.
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OEM transfer case skid plate. Off of '87 MJ W/231. Not sure of interchangeability. Can bring to Holiday party or ship on your dime.
All of the following available now or coming off the jeep soon.

Front d30 knuckles from 88
Front Brakes from 88...calipers, pads, rotors
Front wheel bearings, used, probably not great
D30 axle set...disco model
Disco actuator, fork, etc.
Stock 88 xj steering
Stock d35 rear, 3.55 I assume?
Stock Front coil springs
Stock rear bumpstops (surprisingly good still)
Stock lower control arms