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SoCal Holiday Party 12/16 11am Long Beach!

How many people, and how many meals?

  • 3 Adults no food

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 1 Child no food

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  • 2 Children no food

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  • 3 Children no food

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  • 3 Children with meal

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debating going.... depends on weather. i'll have to ride a motorcycle and i dont feel like freezing my ass off on the way home.
Wish I could make it; have fun folks. Maybe some year I can coordinate a trip out there at that time.

David Bricker / SYR
It would be nice to finally meet some of you all. i cant stay long but i will bring some adult beverages. any requests on types of beverages? im from the northwest so im partial to some breweries up there. but im also an American so Bud light (DILLY DILLY) is always a good go to, cant forget PBR. let me know.
Lol. Brendan and Araceli have a "beer fridge" in the garage that is basically community property; bring something you like and expect others to pilfer your beer, as you pilfer others' beers. Feel free to leave leftover beer in their fridge when you leave, as thanks to the Kings for hosting our soiree.

If you have something you don't particularly want to share, bring a cooler and keep your beverages in it, and that's fine too.
Kim, Aly, and myself had a great time. Good to see you all and hopefully we see most of you before the party next year!
Nice pictures. Everyone is so large in SoCal!

David Bricker / SYR
Great seeing some old faces after being away from Jeeping for 4 or 5 years,
and meeting some others for the first time:peace:
It was great seeing you guys, sounds like a few of us have a a hiatus from wheeling. Well I'm back
Glad we were able to finally make it, we felt bad we missed most of you (showed up around 3:30). Shout out to Brendan and his lovely wife for putting this together for us. We will be back!