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NAXJA Holiday Party Saturday 12/2/2023 in Long Beach

how many are attending, and how many of those are eating?

  • one adult, eating

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  • three adults, eating

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  • one child under 12, eating

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  • two children under 12, eating

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  • three children under 12, eating

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  • one child, not eating

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  • two children, not eating

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  • three children, not eating

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  • one adult, not eating

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  • two adults, not eating

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  • three adults, not eating

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NAXJA Member
NAXJA Member
San Diego, CA
Once again, Brendan and Araceli King have generously agreed to host our Holiday Party at their house on Knight Avenue in Long Beach, CA.

We'll call it 2pm-10pm. Bring your own chairs and beverages. We will arrange for food (what is yet TBD, but probably sandwiches or something), and will appreciate donations to help offset the expenses.

Please feel free to bring a dish to share, as well.

If you want to bring an unwrapped toy, they will be donated to a valid childrens' charity in the name of the Chapter, on your behalf.

It's always a good time, with good people. Stop by for as long as you can. The Kings also have a giant (made of 2x4 pieces) Jenga game that Brendan made, that's great fun to play or observe.

Please answer the poll, or PM me if you just can't make it work. It gives us counts for anticipated attendees, and whether or not they will be eating whatever we supply. You can answer multiple options, so if you have 2 adult eaters, 1 adult not eating, and 2 kids that are eating, you just choose each line that applies. If there are more than 3 adults and/or kids, choose the "1", "2", --AND/OR-- "3" person options...

Hope to see you there!!
One of these days, I'd love to make this party. But at this point, I'm not even sure which if the three coasts I'll be on.

David Bricker / SYR
so this is next weekend... please respond in the poll so we know how much food to buy. I know of at least five or six people who have messaged me separately that they will be there. we usually have a number of people who stop by when they can, which is always great but hard to work into the planning for food.
Araceli & Brendan will probably be doing chicken, rice, beans, chips and salsa.
no probably about it, chicken, beans, rice. chips and salsa. feel free to bring something to share if you'd like, and food donations are gratefully accepted
and yes, in spite of the underwhelming response on the pole, there will actually be folks there. and it's always a great time whether it's a ton of people or just a few that show up...
Heartfelt thanks to Brendan and Araceli King for opening their home to us and hosting the holiday party again this year. Thank you Carol for putting it all together.

It was great to see all of you that attended, and to reconnect with some old friends. I had a great time; and believe it or not, I was actually the first one there. THAT never happens! :D