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Smittybilt Rear tire carrier Fix

Sharky's Compass

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First off what a pain !

the latch would not release first of all = there are 2 holes on the latch that the release bar sits in placing the bar on the smaller hole got my latch working !

My new bumper tire carrier combo would not work proper no matter what i did so I had to figure it out. The arm and latch at the lowest setting was 1/2 higher than the striker on the bumper with a 33 in tire on the swingarm !

The Fix :

1. Carbide Burr party1:

I had to open up the cam/Pin hole toward the driver side to get the arm to swing lower with my carbide burr which helped alot

2. 4 1/2 angle grinder

I had to reshape the cam to fit a smaller area so i reground the round cam wheel to fit

3. Carbide burr . . . again

i was 1/4 in off still !!!
so i removed the striker pin and ground open the hole upwards until the inside nut bottomed out on the bumper on 1 of its flat sides which i used to stop the nut from spinning.

I had just enough movement in all of this to get the bumper to operate perfectly im happy with the end product but man what a pain > Be prepared to re-engineer the wheel if you buy this bumper