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Skyjacker Black Maxx Shocks


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Someone explain this to me. I have Skyjacker Black Maxx shocks. They started making noise. I thought it was bushings in the controller arms. Changed all those. Still there. Nothing is loose in the front end. Ended up throwing on my old RC shocks. No more sound. Contact Skyjacker. They send me new shocks. Put them on yesterday and drove it today. Sounds like the front end is going to fall off when there was no sound when I had the RC ones back on there.
Obviously they are valves stiffer than the RC's and notvalved correct for your vehicle!
Skyjacker sells nothing but mall crawler components, they sure dont specialize in Jeeps only!
Certainly not a brand that I associate with good quality components.
Can't tell you anything about their shocks, but their lifts kits are a F***ing joke!
Does sky jacker make shocks.
Are theyre jeep specific shocks from any branded shock. Probly not.

They just pic one of 3 over the counter valves and roll with hoping atleast one jeep guy likes them then they all will cause he did.

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