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sissy lift... i mean budget boost


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Dallas, PA
So i've had my xj since last july and ever since then i've been wanting to get it lifted, but im only 17 and with minimal cashflow its taken me THIS long to finally get things in order. I've slowly been gathering parts for a BB with every little bit of money i get and I've finally gotten the meat and potatoes of the whole thing together. ANYWAY I'm wondering if you guys can offer any help/comments/rants to let me know if all my work has paid off. Here is the current planned setup:

V8 ZJ coils + 1 or 2 OEM coil isolators stacked together depending on how much lift the coils give me

OEM replacement leaf spring pack from quadratec + Rough Country AAL

ProComp ES3000's

stock wheels w/ new goodyear wrangler 235's

-i was thinking of grabbing some WJ LCA's, will i need them for only a 2-2.5" lift?
-probably going with rubber for the leaf spring bushings
-JKS discos in the near future

I'm a little nervous about running the 235's because the RC AAL reviews range anywhere from 1.5-3" of lift, plus i trimmed the fenders this summer when i got bored :roll: but i dont really wanna sacrifice the MPG's (or cash) for a set of 31's... does anyone have pics of a 2-2.5" lift with fender trimming on 235's? haha im guessing not

My camera's broke but as soon as i get everything done ill make sure to post pics....thanks for the help!
Why buy a replacement pack then a AAL?

Why not just buy a lifted pack?

No you won't need LCAs.

Why regular ole' Goodyear Wranglers?

235s won't be that bad. I've ran it with a BB for a year and it looks appropriate and has great amount of flex.

Consider 30s if you don't want 31s.
well, i work at a grocery store, lol. The "standard duty" pack from quadratec was only $60 per side and the AAl was only 40 bucks for the two of them, so i figured i'd save a little money and anything would be better than the springs i have now (i think they actually have a negative arch)...but after i ordered them i found an OME 2" full pack at quadratec for only about $115 per side :doh: ...oh well hindsight is always 20/20...

as for the tires i needed some new ones reallllyy bad last year and figured i should get them before the snow started fallin or i might die on my old racing slicks, and the 235's were the biggest i could fit...im really happy with them though, i dont know whats so bad about wranglers, i didnt get stuck once? maybe it means im not wheeling hard enough :laugh: ...even with the stock setup i can keep up with my buddies on the trail, so im pumped to see what it will do in a few weeks!

thanks for the reply!
No you wont need lca, your sock ones are fine.
It depends on how much you trimmed but you might try and figure out if you can make your old stock flares work again, or consider TJ flares.

Kinda late but if I was recomending a budget boost on a tight budget Id recomend:
Home made coil spacers (if you dont have the ability find a friend or a Jeep club)
V-8 coils if you could find them cheap
The over load leaf (last leaf) from a chevy/ ford leaf pack
Some good shocks like you got
or piece together a used lift

The best I can do for you as for pictures is my little xj beater and I have almost no pictures of it. Its on 4.5" lift and 30" tires.
Thanks a lot! its good to hear i'm at least KINDA on the right track...and it doesnt look like the 235's will look too bad so it looks like im keepin em!