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Shake down run!


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cleveland, TN
okay so i am going to try and make a a date for my shake down run. i plan on having the axle under the YJ by April 10th and that gives me a few weeks to finish up details and get any bugs out... cant do anything till the end of april anyways... so dates:

April 24th
May 1st
May 8th

dont really have a preference but thought i would throw it out there and see if anyone wants to come along and make a day of it! whatever works for the peeps coming.
I would be depending on the date.
You check and I'll see when I have all the kids. Surely we can make a day work.
well... not sure if aetna will be rideable at all according to the sign posted (which i think is complete BS they cant do anything until a court rules it so... just trying to scare us off) im a bit perturbed...
So... if we cant go on the 24th, where are we going? April 30th is the last day the road will be open to public access according to that sign...

Guess I need to fix the 4x4 on the ranger...
well if we know someone with a lease key we could get in that way...

kinda makes me wonder though if that sign is BS and all talk and they cant actually do that... (especially if we dont park the tow rigs there...)
apparently April 24th is out... we are going to see thomas the train at the railroad museum that saturday.

We're hitting Thomas April 17th....Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum, Calera, AL:D