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Shackle, Leaf Spring bolts seized in bushing?


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San Diego, CA
I'm attempting to remove my rear springs to upgrade to a 6" lift and while trying to losen the bolts it feels like they are stuck in the bushings. When I try to loosen them they turn a little and I can feel them want to spring back when I release pressure.

Is there a trick or easy way to remove them? I don't want to keep cranking on them and get into more trouble than I already am. I PB Blasted them for 2 days prior to today.

Thanks in advance.

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One of mine did that and I just put the AAL in without removing the entire pack. Won't work if you're putting on an entire new pack, but it's a workaround if you have an AAL.
'92, Minnesota winters......2 days of PB may not be enough.

I had a similar experience with my bolts. The bolts, wrench handle....everything was flexing, which made it seem like it was moving--but not really.

I was overly cautious. I took me about a week of PB, and cranking on the wrench before they actually broke free.
I used a 30" breaker bar and 5' piece of pipe and only 1 bolt broke. Luckily, it was the upper shackle bolt. I had to take the rear bumper off and enlarge the hole in the frame to get the broke part out and a new nut in. The other 3 came out real hard, but didn't break. Mines a 92 in Pa, they salt the roads for 1" of snow here.
When I swapped my leafpacks I got 3/4 out fine (days of PB, a little heat, more PB) 1/4 unthreaded and got jammed in the bushings :grr: so Dr Sawzall paid him a little visit - what a PITA that was between the leaf and the spring hanger)

Mine was a Hatteras Island Jeep...lots of fused stuff, but PB and heat usually get it.
I got it all off but it was a huge one day production. We ended up cutting off the shacles and leaf springs, cutting off the bushings and then either cutting up the sleeve and bolt or heating it up and getting the sleeve to seperate. I only broke one of the welded nuts and that was in the back so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.