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several questions


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Let me introduce myself. My name is Tom I currently retired to Costa Rica.
I own a 87 xj I bought on ebay that had at that time 35,000 original miles and drove it to San Jose 3 years ago

I am currently running around the country.
1. I am currently running hot going up the mountains here in country. Should I change out Radiator for 2 or 3 row?
Closed or Open? I have purchsed a tranny cooler for installation.

2. My OEM roof rack has some burgerd out holes and is loose I have tried to replace the rubber stoppers and even tried to put some nuts on washers and jb welding them It was a good idea but didn't hold. should i just spot weld them?
Tom, which country are curently running around in? Are you native to Costa Rica, or did you move there to retire?

I am PM'ing you about the Gauge asy.

I think I bought an all metal 3 row from radiators.com, found them on Ebay originally. Got a great quality radiator for a great price, less than $150.00 as I recall, delivered. Check the outlet, return side hose of your raidator and see if it is a lot cooler that the inlet hose. If it is, it may not be the radiator, if it is not it may be the radiator. Could just be a bad fan clutch!!!!!! I usually start with the fan clutch, then the radiator if the fan clutch does not fix it. Also check all the hoses for leaks and the radiator cap, thay can cause overheating too.

personally I like this closed system so far, now that I understand it and know how to maintain it.

There is a thread around here where I posted details (part numbers) about a new molybolt like replacement fitting that Jeep has for replacing those old rubber/brass threraded inserts with. They woork great, run about $1.50 ea., and takes about 16 total. Solves the whole roof rack problem.

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Edit added:
Check out these for the nut certs details on the roof racks.



I found it, the part numbers on the bag are:

Mopar 5-3401672, other numbers on the bag are, 60989, 34201672 is the number under the bar code so one of those numbers should be the part number to order them from Mopar, your stealership of choice.
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