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Seats for 4 door (Must Go)


NAXJA Forum User
Hi, I have a set of seats for a 4 Door cherokee. 2 fronts, one bench. They are grey vinal, and are in decent shape. One of the fronts has an approximately 4.5" tear in it, but it isn't bad, the rest are okay. My friend gave them to me when I bought the jeep, but he must not have realized they were for a 4 door when he got them, since mine is a 2 door. I don't even know what I can get for them, my dad is just yelling at me to get them out of the garage. I can ship them if you want to pay, I really don't mind packaging them up. If you can meet me somewhere I can do that too, or whatever. I don't have a digital camera, so if you really are interested and want pictures, e-mail me and I will borrow one.[email protected] I live in Algonac Michigan which is just north of Detroit. Any reasonable offers will be considered.

Thanks, Chris
Hey, I don't care what I get for them, as long as I don't take a loss, someone make me an offer!:D
Sorry, seats are gone.