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Scouting for backup Hermit Locations


NAXJA Member
NAXJA Member
Im going to be scouting up highway 4 for backup hermit locations in the event the fire spreads west. Currently moving east. So in that case we have a backup location.

I talked to the forest service, they said try black springs OHV, cabbage patch, and we also figured south end of slick rock staging area.

Anyone on here have any additional ideas?
the end of sourgrass does have a pretty good size camp area that would work but you would not be able to get any tow rigs in there if people are towing. I think spicer has group camp sites but i think they are pay sites. Utica has camping also, first come first serve. I was just at black springs on monday and they are doing a lot of clear cutting up there so lots of heavy equipment and not a whole lot of big camp areas.
Thanks Jeff on the info on black springs, Aaron at stanislaus mentioned black springs. I was going to head to black springs tomorrow.

We were leaving the south end of slick rock , utica as a last resort for sure.