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Scenic Wheeling Picture Thread

Somewhere well north of Tucson on a side trip from the Tucson wash trail, from the Wells AZ book

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Greenie Peak, north of Red River NM

National forest road southwest of Jerome. Probably about 2 miles as the crow flies from my home.
Another National forest road, southwest of Jerome.

Schnebly Hill road, northeast of Sedona
Mauna Kea access road

Heading back from Kai'ole bay near South Point, Big island

This was an unofficial border crossing in Big Bend NP, Texas, 1998. I think we paid $5 for a rowboat ride across the Rio Grande
to the very small town of Santa Elena. No passport, no nothing.
West 98 4.jpg
"Get off my lawn!"
Yeah, that's about right. One of the very few times we've encountered cattle that refused to yield. Usually you get within 50 feet or so and they get out of the way.
Somewhere near the Tahoe side of the Rubicon Trail, probably summer of 2000. Left the camper at the campground and ventured in a ways. Met 3 guys at one of the overlooks who saw our Illinois plates and wanted to know where in IL we were from. Turned out one of the guys owned an auto body shop in our hometown and was a regular at the restaurant Cindy was working at!West 2000 73.jpg
La Perouse Bay, Maui '05
Rental from Adventures Rent A Jeep, think it was like $250-300 for a week.
And like many nice locations, now closed to motorized travel, probably due to locals trashing it. The whole area is now a nature reserve.
Same trip, on Kauai, Kekaha beach. Not as cool rental, and probably twice the cost. The other island just visible above the other trucks is Ni'ihau.
Found a few more pics in a subfolder from that trip. I think this is one of the Jurassic Park gate posts
Mauipics05b 410.jpg
Powerline trail, also central Kauai
Mauipics05a 325.jpg

Stream crossing on the way back
Cpics05b 310.jpg
Didn't realize this was also the same trip, went to Molokai after Kauai
JKauaiMolokai05a 301.jpg
JKauaiMolokai05a 137.jpg
JKauaiMolokai05a 081.jpg
JMolokai05b 058.jpg
South Maui '07. Another cheap rental from Adventures rent-a-jeep
Big Island '07, near the green sand beach
Central Kauai '07. Extreme wheeling for a base model 4-door
Central Kauai '09. I was amazed that our rental Commander made it that far, don't know how that Pontiac got there.