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Scenic Wheeling Picture Thread

Near Deep Creek, and one of the creeks flowing over the Holcomb Valley Trail.
MJ in San Timoteo Canyon.

For some reason Imgur isn't working for me at the moment. Dunno.


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This was always one of my favorite threads, sucks that so many great pics were lost. John's pic reminded me of the last trip I took. Tucson wash trail, somewhere way north of Tucson20231212_160413.jpg
Somewhere up towards Sedona. Not sure what my grandson is doing here...

Broken Arrow trail, Sedona
Broken Arrow is nice to do at least once, but the Pink Jeep people think they own the area!
Whenever I have visitors from out of town, I'll take them there if they're at all interested. Some of the pink jeep drivers I wouldn't piss on if they were on fire, but most of them are cool, many compliment my jeeps.
I'm gonna repost some of my pics that webshots and photobucket screwed up.
Some beach on Molokai, with a view of Lanai.
I had arranged to rent an Explorer, imagine my disappointment when they gave me an XJ instead.

JMolokai05b 078.jpg
Mauna Kea access road, somewhere around 9000'
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Cleghorn Ridge Trail overlooking Silverwood Lake, CA. Granddaughter getting her first wheeling seat time.