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Sad day


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Middle Tennessee
I guess it was bound to happen someday. My in-laws gave their 1998 XJ to my 16 year old daughter as her first car. It had 200,000 miles and was a pretty good Jeep. It had it's quirks. We had saved it from a cash for clunkers demise. Based on what we see, they are going to total it.

She left the road and ran through a wood plank fence. She walked away without a scratch. The XJ did a good job keeping her safe.


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Glad your daughter is ok too bad about the jeep.
Or even if they total it, don't give it up to them.

Pay them the next to nothing they think it is worth and let someone put a salvage title on it and keep it going.
It broke the bosses in the head where the compressor bracket bolts on in addition to cracking the bracket. I have severe psoriatic arthritis so I can't get down on the ground to see how bad it looks underneath. Besides the fact that I have no hand, arm or shoulder strength to turn wrenches anymore.
Damn Ed, I’m sorry to hear that. Sounds like a Saturday wrench fest project for a bunch of XJ guys to wrench on to get her back on the road!

I’m glad Olivia is OK. Speaking of Olivia, how in the hell is she’s 16 already!?!?