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Rustys tranfer skid


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I spent over $1000 to lift my cherokee 6 inchs to gain more clearance then I installed Rustys awsome transfer case skid plate
this skid plate is awsome but it hangs down like 6 inches is this normal and dose anyone know why it hangs so low?
He builds it to accomadate a T-case drop.

It's a skid plate, I wouldn't worry about it cause thats what it's built for. Mines the same way and it does the job just as designed.
Well, you bought a cheap lift if you did it for only $1000.

I have his t skid, are you sure you're not meaning a couple inches?, I don't think it would hang 6" below the case.
Are you using the T-case drop spacers AND the cross member that has a drop built in to it?? If not something must be installed wrong or built wrong. Good Luck

Rusty's Skid

My skid is bolted to Rusty's Crossmember with 1" drop and is only 1/4" from the bottom of the t-case. about 4" from the frame rail down or what ever the amount is from the where the bottom of the crossmember is. My t-case is the 242 which hangs a little lower so I had to use some washers to get the 1/4" space below the t-case. Juice

Have pics don't know how to post them...
I thought he was talking about the X member Rustys sells...:anon: .....so nevermind me..

Got pics of T-case.

Thanks for the info Scott.

These are the pics of my skid . Juice

if you look you can see the washer under the skid and the 1/4" space between it and the t-case.

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I've got the same set up only without the drop crossmember and I bolted the leading edge of the skid to the front edge of the crossmemeber. I know Rusty has predrilled holes in his crossmember to acomadate the skid so that means that one of us has the crossmember bolted on backwards.
The skid is supposed to bolt to the rear portion of the x-member. This will allow room for the engine skid to fit on it,as well. I've got the engine skid,t-case skid,and his x-member w/1" drop. No issues of any of it hanging too low on mine :dunno:
I dont' have any problems, but than again I don't want to take the crossmember out. Had a broken bolt taking it out the first time. I don't understand what he was taking about being 6" lower. Again post a pic of it. Juice
Hey Juice, what did you do to get that broken bolt out? I went to unbolt my x-member and snap, so there I stopped. Just drill and use an extractor, heat or what?