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Romoving crank with engine in vehicle


NAXJA Forum User
Hello I am needing to remove the crank from my motor to get it ground and used in another motor, I’m just wondering if it’s possible?

I can’t pull the motor until I’m ready to swap this other motor ( with crank I’m pulling). The only reason I want this crank is it’s a 258 crank and I feel like I’ll be missing out if I don’t use it, it’s an opportunity.

Also can you pull rods from below? This block that has the 258 crank is going to scrap when it’s out it’s bored .60 over on its way out.
I don’t plan on putting this crank back in it will stay out. But I will be swapping the new motor with the 258 in when I get the time
No because of the flywheel/bolts and input shaft or the flex-plate/bolts and TC stub shaft!
It would be a lot for a manual but still several inches for a auto.
Even if possible you're going to burn way more calories and brain cells doing it versus pulling the engine....
the block is going to scrap and you need an empty hole to put the new engine in anyway.