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258 swap with 4.0 details needed!!


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Alright I have. 1996 4..0 that I am swapping and using my amc pattern 727. I’m currently on the fence of using the 42re flex plate and try to window the cps sensor into the bell housing or just use the original 258 flex plate and run Hesco cps relocate. Also probably have to use the 727 original torque converter to work well.

My 4.0 has a crank pilot bushing that has splines so it must have been a manual. Well since I’m going with auto what pilot bushing do I use? That auto torque converter has to be “piloted” on something.

After looking into it closer 258 had pilot bushing o.d. Of 1/18 and my 4.0 should be 1”.

Well thats where I’m at what pilot bushing is needed to swap a 4.0 /727?

Thanks for any help