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rockwell 2 1/2 ton axles in an xj!?!?

dan f.

NAXJA Forum User
La Mirada, Ca.
today i found a nice set of rockwell military axles in the local boneyard and i was wondering if there was anything i could do with them. besides, i couldn't bare the thought of them going into the crusher. i've seen people run them in little jeeps and even samurais, and i know some of you guys have entertained the thought of having a huge axled xj. if putting them in is too much of a job for me, i will sell them. see the for sale forum.
dan f.

p.s. if you want them, please act now as they won't be around long.
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i believe boyce equipment sells rebuilt fronts for about 2 grand, and rears about 1 grand (not sure). since these are as-is, maybe like 1500 for both, we can discuss. i'd really rather not pay shipping, though. drop me a line.
dan f.
There's a set of toploaders for sale here for $500 for the pair. I think $1500 is a rip and the Boyce folks are kings at robbin' ya blind. Not tryin' to rain on your parade, those axles are just super cheap in these parts.

In CO rockwells run from $500 to $1000 for the pair.

$1000 buys axles in very good shape and often includes rims and tires.
i didn't know about boyce's robbing ways. i wasn't trying to gouge anyone, but i know axles ain't cheap, and this is the first set i've seen around here (socal). like i said, make me an offer, i just threw that price out off the top of my head. thanks,
dan f.
bigwoody, what boneyards have rockwells in them around here? im from the raleigh area, dunno if i could afford to do anything with them now, but why get dana 60s when those are that cheap around here