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Raffle Prize Teasers


Only Marble Sharp
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Watch this thread.
These Items are just part of the great prizes to be had for some lucky winners at the event.
You can purchase tickets in advance in the Chapter Store, or at the event. Price of tickets will be the same either way.

Compressor plus XJ mounting bracket.
Courtesy of K Suspension
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1-1/4" X 30' Kinetic Recovery Pope (Black) 18, 066 Lb. working load; 54,200 Max.
Courtesy of Rhino USA
It's a beast!

ETA: Those of you with tow rigs are set.
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One more raffle item. Diff service kit.
4 qts. of Lucas full synthetic 75w-90 gear oil, Rags, and a drain pan.
Can I win that before I drive up there?
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Deadline for ordering event shirts/hoodies is Saturday 4/13, 11:59 p.m.
Definitely could've used that last week when one of my kids dropped the comanche.....landed full weight on the trans.20240307_112236.jpg
That is way too funny! Just glad no one was hurt.
The Varmints would certainly understand.