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Replacing Neg Battery Cable


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Justin, TX
The negative cable coming off my battery needs to be replaced, there's corrosion going up into it from the battery, and it's been trimmed back a few times for new connectors. Where does that wire go? Just down to the starter or engine block ground?
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Hallo. The black negative (-)groundwires are going to the engineblock (dipstickbracket) and to the chassis.
The wire that's going to the starter is red and is possitive (+). And the other red goes to the fusebox. :shhh:
Also control your groundwire from the enginehead to the firewall.(braid one). two pictures:

p.s. 5-90 has nice cables.

'92 Cherokee
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I ran out to the parking lot and tried to trace that wire. Looks like it goes to a bracket right behind the alternator down on the block. Hard to tell, but it looks to be the same guage wire/color. There's nothing on the dipstick bracket on my jeep, maybe they switched it up a little between '92 and '01.
On my 93 it went to the block behind the Alt. If your going to replace it get heavier wire while your at it. Get a good terminal also. I went with a terminal for car audio equipment. It was nicely built and had 4 terminals for wires. And I think I went with 4awg wire. I picked up both at Walmart.

& X2 5-90 has good wires also he has good info on his site.
Sounds like a lot of corrosion to me with multi repairs done already. Maybe overcharging or cracked battery case sometimes post will come lose within the case. Do you have a winch, lots of lights, big amp overloading will cause problems to.