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Replacement fuel pump


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Did a search and came up with about 500 results went thru half of them and didn't have time for the rest. I replaced my fuel pump on my 93 4.0 about a year ago with the entire unit from JC Whitney. It is so loud it's driving me crazy! Has been since the day I put it in. I want to replace it with a quieter one other than OEM. What's a good quiet one to get, Carter or Bosch? Thanks.

Mike Harris
I am just about to have to replace the original one on my Jeep. I've heard a lot of people say don't go anything except dealership part which in my case is $225 or so. I guess shelling the money out isn't that bad if it'll last ya another 200k though. I'll be going factory part.
I got one from the dealer - it was a Bosch. And yes - it was very quiet.
I've had it in for about three years now.
i got the brand name "standard" from autozone and replaced the stock pump at 127k in my 89' and although i CAN hear it if its a really quite morning or night not moving, with the radio off.... once i drive i cant hear a thing, or if there is cars next to me....

have a feeling i should have got a better one :) probably bite me in the ass

My mechanic got a new pump and new screen ($105 total) from the Dodge dealer, installed them and flushed my tank for $202.

CollinM, Where you getting a dealer pump for $225??? I hope thats installed!!

It is noisy also, but after i start rolling and the rest of the jeep starts howling I cant hear it anymore...he he.

Have my headliner out right now and oh my god, its like riding around in a tin can full of marbles, amazing how much noise that headliner and pad insulates.

csr_011 said:
CollinM, Where you getting a dealer pump for $225??? I hope thats installed!!Cory

Yeah thats my local Jeep dealer's price. For my 90. I thought it was a little steep also but...I dunno. They said they wanted another 200 bucks for the float also. I dont know if I got a retarded parts guy or not.
BTW-thats not installed.