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Renix Vs HO front body parts compatability?


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I am looking at using a 92 front body section to replace a fender bended 89 front panel and passenger side quarter section. The parts web sites show different parts for the two different year periods. Is there any real difference? Is it significant? What problems are there in using a 92 on the 89?
ehall said:
Headlight surrounds and signal lights are all different, and so is the header panel.
OK, what exactly is the header planel, is it the long flat piece that joins to the fenders?

IF I swap usiung all the 92 headlight and signal light parts with the 92's long flat panel ( 4wd.com/cherokee calls it a Front Nose Panel, and note they are both Cherokees). Also according to 4wd.com white and yellow turn light assys are the same, but the headlight bezzels have different part numbers between 90 & 91. I can't tell if the parts are just different colors between 90-91 or really different hardware.

I am told the side quarter panels are the same, 84-96, and 4wd.com has it as the same part!

Header panel is the big plastic part that attaches forward of the fenders. I don't think you'll find any appreciable difference between header panels or lights and bezels. The one thing that definitely does differ, though, is the grille. Earlier models had the grille and surround in separate pieces, and the later one has a one piece grill. All this means is that you'll need the whole grille assembly. I'm not sure, but there may be a difference in the drilling of the header panel between the two, but this should not cause any problem if you get the grille and header panel for the same year. If there's any difference in headlight bezels, it's also going to be just a matter of how they attach with the grille, and it should work fine as long as you get the whole thing.

I've swapped at least some of the parts between an 89 and a 93, but I can't remember whether that included headlight bezels. I don't recall seeing a difference. The parking lights definitely interchange, as do fenders and bumpers.
The headlight bezels, or "buckets" are one piece on post 90, and the grill surround changed... I've got a set of bezels from a ninety-something sitting in the garage that I will try to adapt to my 86 soon, they are alot more sturdy than the old one's, so I don't expect to break them like I have the others...

Oh, otherwise, fenders are the same up to 97. If you don't want to modify anything in the header panel and all you can get are 90+ pieces, then pick up the whole thing.