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Renix era clutch assembly in my 1993 XJ?


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Does anyone know if the clutch/brake pedal assembly for pre 90s XJ will work in 91-96? Picking up a 97 XJ to swap the 5spd in my 93 auto this week. A guy local has an 80 something XJ I can get parts from.
You may need to narrow down that "80 something". The first versions were not even Renix. Early XJs came with Chevy V-6 motors.

Good junkyards have interchange books which might be able to answer the question.
id say maybe. the brake push rods are different. I don't think that will be an issue. the brake switches are different but the renix era had a dump valve for the cruise/ auto trans that the later brake switch should have no issue using its location for the brake switch. the clutch and clutch master may or may not be the same.
There a bunch of them for sale on the internet and they show 91-96.
I located one locally if I get it before the crusher while off work this weekend. Thanks guys, I found a bunch on eBay for mine but I can get the 87 for free and the jeep I bought for tranny is a 97, lol, was trying not to spend $250 if I could get away with it and use the pre 91 set.
In my research, there are a few different clutch pedal assemblies. Supposedly the brake booster got changed in 1995, so earlier assemblies will not work on 95-96. 97 and up may be different also, not sure because I didn't look that deep into it. A friend who is a XJ wizard told me there is no such thing as a 91-96 clutch pedal assembly and that the ebay sellers are full of horse trash, because of the change in brake boosters in 1995. The point of the story is, there are at least two different clutch pedal assemblies and there may be even more, just like there is at least three different fuel pumps for the 4.0. Very, very frustrating and incredibly inefficient from a logistics standpoint. Imagine how much warehouse space got taken up by just XJ parts back when they were readily availible and stocked? For example: In 1997 they had to have at least three different fuel pumps on the shelf just to cover 1995-1997 4.0 XJ's alone! Absolutely bat squash crazy!
Well it may end up being a cut and weld, I now have pedal assemblies from a 1995 and a 1997. Also appears the clutch master cylinders are slightly different to, the pre 97s bolt straight up and the 97 has the top bolt kicked to the left a little. something is gonna work, lol.
I am trying to have everything gathered up so my Jeep isn't down and in pieces too long. If I get a chance tomorrow I will pull the brake booster from the parts Jeep, the 97, and match it to the 95 clutch pedal assembly.