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removing trash....


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Chandler az
when i was driving around last weekend i saw a crap load of trash around where we camped certainly not from us could tell it been there for some time would anyone be interested in getting together a group and going back out with some trash bags and cleaning some of that up? i saw tons of bullet shells/ and shotgun shells as well.

what does everyone think about something like that.
its a great idea. its too far for me to travel though personally.

also remember that this weekend is country thunder in the same areas
The camp was pretty clean when I left. I would love to help organize a trail clean up. But with the current bylaw structure as I know it doesn't allow us to invite or advertise on other websites. I guess we could still be eliteest trash pickers.
yeah i was thinking not this weekend because of country thunder but soon organize a trail/desert cleanup.

and yeah kraker i saw u last weekend cleaning everything up around the camp site u did a fantastic job!!!!

to bad we dont do like "this trail clean and maintained by NAXJA Arizona Chapter" signs
bulldog canyon has a sign like that.

i cant remember who it is that "sponsors" it. gold canyon wheelsers or something.

id be up for that
i would like to help out just let me know when it is going to happen and i will be there... ive done the table mesa cleanup and four peaks cleanup and think this would be a very good thing to try and keep our wheeling spots open for our enjoyment.